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Chairs is a pretty broad area of search. A chair is what you sit on of course, but the term encompasses such a large cross-sections of meanings. Below there are links to a variety of types of chairs for the home or office. Also find some interesting chair information below.

Awesome Chairs

Page featuring links to specific hand chosen office chairs by ChairWorks and Sealy. Also features links to information about these and other awesome chairs. Page brough to you by

Media Chairs

Media chairs are chairs designed for the multimedia experience. While there is no exact definition for the term "media chairs" it generally relates to a chair or seating set designed with movie watching or game play in mind, hence the term media. This can include home theater seating, bean bag chairs, and specialized recliners..

Cardboards Chairs

Images of cardboard chairs made using discarded cardboard boxes. The task of making a chair of cardboard is becoming a popular project in design schools and architecture schools. Even if you don't study these areas, it is still fun and easy to make your own cardboard chair..

Ergonomic Office Chairs

A selection of high end office chairs. These feature ergonomic designs and functionality. Additionally, these chairs feature high density foam which make these chairs ideal for intensive use situation. They are also a good choice for use in 24 hour round-the-clock work settings.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are a comfortable and fun option for seating in your home. These chairs are a great alternative to couches or home theater seating. They make a great chair for video gaming fans. They are a huge step up from the bean bags of days-gone-by. Read more about bean bag chairs

Office Chair Reviews

This is a fictional humor peice that takes the form a list of office chair reviews done by a guy who weighs 537 pounds. This fictional character reviews real chair models. Of course, these chairs are all designed for normal size people, so part of the humor is how he breaks all these chairs.

Office Chair Links and Resources

Links to a list of articles all about different aspects of office chairs. Read article about different types of office chairs like leather office chairs, big and tall office chairs, mesh office chairs and more. Also get tips on how to pick a good office chair for your needs.



The photos to left were selected from some of the chair resource links below. These images show chairs in several different applications and in different settings. The broad nature of the general search term "chairs" lends itself into branching into very divergent information about the types of chairs out there. Click here for basic information on how to approach buying an office chair.

Featured Images

What to look for in an office chair.

Office chair reviews by Fat Albert Chang.  He breaks many office chairs in search of the perfect one for his fat needs.

A cardboard chair design made using discarded cardboard boxes.